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Hey Sweet Loves! I’m so happy to finally share today’s post; it’s way overdue but still very exciting! About a month ago I had the amazing opportunity to attend Shiseido’s campaign launch for their new #ShareBeauty initiative hosted by beauty editor Dave Lackie. It was a beautiful evening at The Thompson Hotel overlooking the Toronto skyline. Elaine Shigeishi of Shiseido Canada spoke us about the #ShareBeauty campaign. #ShareBeauty is a pay-it-forward initiative that encourages everyone to share in the joy of making other’s feel beautiful by sending them kind words, reminding them why they are beautiful and special to you. We then got to watch a sneak peak of the campaign video which has been uploaded to their website.

Once we understood the #ShareBeauty initiative we were shown another video that shared three different perspectives of beauty. Each of them briefly shared their story’s and explained why they felt the other person was beautiful. I had the special opportunity to meet Katie Shim and her aunt Suzie, two of the amazing women in the video. At a young age Katie lost her mother but her aunt stepped in and took over the responsibility of raising Katie. You can see they share such a special and deep bond together.







Here is where the fun really began! Shiseido sent their top makeup artist to color match each of us with their NEW Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation. I was matched to the shade “Rose 3” and the pigment is perfect! It has quickly become my go to foundation, it’s flawless and natural finish leaves my skin feeling silky and light all day long. I love the medium, buildable coverage that’s oil-free and still contains SPF20! When I try out a new foundation I love to buy the matching application brush so I can get the fully beauty experiences. So after the event I hit up my local Shiseido counter at The Bay and picked myself up the Perfect Foundation Brush. It’s so soft; it feels like it glides over your skin leaving a smooth finish. I apply my Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation with the Perfect Foundation brush and love everything about the combination. You don’t need a lot of product and it seems to just glide over your skin creating a flawlessly finish that synchronizes with your condition for a beautiful look. It’s small size is also perfect for traveling so I’ll be taking it on my trip to Europe next week!

Shiseido also gave us two other NEW products; IBUKI Quick Fix Mists & IBUKI Beauty Sleeping Mask and they are absolutely amazing. I’ve been using IBUKI Quick Fix Mists after applying my make up to prevent it from wearing off or creasing throughout the day. This one is also coming with me on my trip so I can “spritz anytime, anywhere for smooth skin with reduced shine”. Now it’s time to share my new night time fav; IBUKI Beauty Sleeping MaskThis mask is so refreshing, it leaves my skin feeling so dewy and hydrated. I put it on right before I go to bed and I love how it’s non-greasy, non-sticky like some other masks. It has become my go to after a late night out at events! Have you had the chance to try out any of Shiseido’s products, if so what are your favs?






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