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Hey Doll! Today I’m sharing more of our honeymoon in Jamaica! We took a really fun day trip with “Jamaican Tours” to near by Ocho Rios and visited Dunn’s River Falls and Mystic Mountain. There were some many beautiful sights and cool activities, we were ready to see more of the country.

Our first stop was at Dunn’s River Falls, it’s a gorgeous waterfall about 1000 ft high. We took the guided tour up the falls, you hold hands forming a human chain as you work your way up the falls. It was really exhilarating to feel the water rushing by you as you work your way to the top of the falls.
Tip: Bring water shoes & a water proof camera, you WILL get wet!

Mystic Mountain was where we spent most of the day because it has so many different activities you can try. You start by taking the Sky Explorer (a chairlift) 700ft above the rainforest to the mountains peak. The view is amazing, the coast was absolutely beautiful to see from that height. We had enough time try everything so we went on the Bobsled ride inspired my the Jamaican bobsled team. Next was something I love to do whenever I’m on vacation… Zip-lining. I was so excited to go through the rainforest, there were 5 different lines zipping  through the trees and one vertical drop. We ended our day cooling down in the magnificent infinity pool on the edge of the mountain. There is also have a 77 meter waterslide looking over of Ocho Rios and of course I had to try it!.

We really enjoyed our day, it was really nice to get our of the resort and see more of the country side. All of our tour guides were so kind, funny and helpful, it’s defiantly a great trip for couples and families because there is something fun for everyone to do!
Leave a comment below if you have ever traveled to Jamaica, and what your favourite part of your trip was! I’d love to hear from you!


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