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Hey Beautiful! I have some really exciting news, if you follow me on Instagram you probably already know that… I’m ENGAGED! Vlad proposed to me on Christmas morning and I  have been on cloud nine ever since, constantly smiling and giggling every time I look down at my ring.  In today’s post I’m so excited to share a little bit about “Our Story” so you can get to know us before we start planning our wedding.

How We Met: Vlad & I went to high school together but only met in the second semester of grade 10. I decided I would take auto mechanics class and and learn to change my tire or find myself a boy who could. My plan worked and I met Vlad, we quickly became friends and hung out all the time. By the time high school ended we were inseparable spending all out free time together going to Tim Horton’s to peanut butter cookies or watching movies in his basement. Vlad was even my prom date! We started dating shortly after our high school graduation and here we are 7 years later!

How He Proposed: For those of you who don’t know I’m that girl who LOVES Christmas! It’s my favorite day of the year and nothing could make the day more special then him proposing that morning. It shows how well he knows me and that he’s willing to put up with my crazy Christmas shenanigans for the rest of our lives. Now Christmas is special to me for more reasons then one.

Our morning started out the same as usual, opening presents and having breakfast with his family then heading over my family’s to continue the Christmas fun. We had opened our gift from each other but then he pulled out a third small box! My heart was pounding, I’ve never unwrapped a gift so fast in my life! Once it was unwrapped Vlad took the box, got down on one knee and told me how I was the love of his life and the most special girl in the world and would I spend the rest of my life with him and marry him?”

I of course screamed YES and jump into his arms! The rest of the day is an exciting blur, Vlad’s family came over us to celebrate with us and it was the perfect Christmas! I’m so excited to start planning our wedding together! We are hoping for a summer wedding, so wish us luck with the planning, leave me a comment below if you have any  wedding tips or advise, I’d love to hear from you!


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