3 Tips for Cooking Camping

Hello & welcome, I hope you’re enjoying your summer! I just got back from an awesome weekend camping up North at Awenda Provincial Park and it gave me the fabulous idea to share with you guys my tips for cooking while your camping in the outdoors. So here we go!!!

Tip #1 Freeze all you water bottles & other drinks to use then as icepacks!

Instead of buying expensive bags of ice just freeze your water bottle and juice to use as icepack. This tip will keep your food cold and also avoid the mess when the ice melts, nobody likes dealing with that grows water at the bottom of the cool. Also try and remember to freeze any meats you plan on bringing with you, this will help make sure they stay fresh longer and keep their temperature cool.

Camping Cooler

Tip #2 Build A Good Fire

The trick to cooking over a camp fire is not about building the biggest flame, it’s about creating even heat. When you are building a fire it’s important that you buy dry firewood, it will burn much hotter and cleaner then damp wood. Start buy placing small pieces of kindling in the middle of the fire pit, on top of that use more kindling to form a teepee. Remember to leave a small space so you can light the fire and keep building the kindling up around the teepee. Light the fire and as then once the kindling catches fire add more, followed by your firewood! As the fire burns you’ll notice the hot embers in the bottom of the firepit and that it what you want to cook on. Once the fire minimizes place a store bought grill over the hot embers, and start cooking! Place the burgers or whatever you want on the grill but keep a close eye on them because they will cook faster then your BBQ. After flipping the burgers, toast the buns, add little cheddar cheese and Walla! Bon Appetit!!

Camping Fire

Tip #3 Boil The Corn Before Grilling Over Fire

One of my favorite things about driving up north is all the fresh farmers markets, I always make Vlad stop and buy corn so we can cook it over the fire. It’s sooo delicious but I hate how long it takes to build the fire and  then cook them, so here is my last little trick for cooking while camping. While the fire is burning, I start to boil water in a large pot over our propane stove. Once the water boils I add a little salt & sugar then place the corn without the husk. I boil them for like 5-8 minutes then place them on the grill in the fire pit. Watch closely until they turn golden brown, add a little butter & enjoy!

Camping Corn


I hope these little tips help make you trip a little easier and if you have any tips or tricks leave me a comment down below, I’d love to hear from you!

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