Colour Pop Eyeshadow + Highlighter Review

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian babes out there! In today’s post I’m going to be reviewing and sharing Colour Pop Cosmetic’s eye shadows and highlighters I got from their Fall Edit colletion. This was my first time ordering from Colour Pop so I made sure to try out as many products as possible. I choseeye shadows, a highlighter, 6 of their infamous Ultra Matte Lip and 1 Ultra Glossy Lip lip gloss. I was really happy with my first Colour Pop experience, I love all the products that I ordered. My order was shipped really quickly and arrived in a really cute box, I also didn’t have to pay any customs fees which is always a plus as a Canadian shopper!  img_9763

First up…the two eye shadows I ordered: Tang & Stereo!
Tang is one of their Supper Shock Matte shadows and is a soft dusty plum colour. While Stereo is a Supper Shock Matallic blackened burgundy colour with copper and pink violet chrome glitter sprinkled on top in a Metallic finish. I absolutely LOVE these shadows. I put Stereo all over my lip and sofen the look by blending it out with a little bit of Tang. I love how smooth they apply and the pigmentation is beyond beautiful.  It lasted all day and didn’t crease at all. The price of these little beauties is also amazing! Each eyeshadow is only only $5 USD which is only $6.62 Canadian! I definitely recommend adding a few of these Colour Pop eye shadows to your make up collection.

Next up is Colour Pop’s highlighter in the shade Candyman! It’s a super metallic rich gold in a Pearlized finish. You don’t need a lot of this product because a little will goes a long way. The pigment of this highlight is beautiful and I liked they way it looked with my lighter skin tone. It left my skin with a silky, gorgeous glowing finish. I want to try a few more of their highlighters and definitely recommend this one and again the price is so affordable, $8USD and 10.58 Canadian.


Stay tuned for Wednesday’s post reviewing  of the Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lip and Ultra Glossy Lip. Leave me a comment below of your favourite product from Colour Pop Cosmetics or one your dying to try, I’d love to hear from you!!


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