What to Wear Camping

Today I’m sharing with you…what to wear camping so you can enjoy your summer adventures in style. Something important to remember when you go camping or to a cottage for a weekend is that space will be limited so only packing the essentials is necessary so here are a few things to remember when your’e packing for your trip.

Tip #1 Pack light colours to avoid attacking bugs

This is something I learned the hard way, mosquitoes are actually attracted to bright colours or things that look like their natural surroundings. So if you don’t want to get eaten alive by mosquitoes try and wear dark-colored clothing like blues, greens and blacks. I also try and pack long sleeve shirts for trails and during the day when we are relaxing by the camp site to help prevent bug bites.

Camping Fashion Tips: Flannel Shirt, Uggs, Jean Shorts

Tip # 2 Bring your bathing suit! 

Does this really need any explanation? Summer in Canada means swimming in the Great Lakes and spending as much time in the sun as possible before the snow comes back so a bikini is definite! You’ll also need your sunglasses & sandals so you can hit the beach and cool off in the lake after a long hike.

Camping Fashion Tips: Bikini, High Waisted Shorts

Tip #3 Layers, layers, layers! 

Although summer in Canada is really warm you’d be surprised in late August how chilly it can get once the sun goes down. Like most Canadians my Roots sweatpants are my go-to favorite pair along with of course a flannel button up. This is my go to look every night by the fire because it’s so easy to unbutton or take off a layer if I’m hot or cold. Even if space is limited I always pack at least one flannel shirt and definitely recommend you do too!

Camping Fashion Tips: Roots Sweatpants, Converse, Flannel

Tip #4 Always prepare for rain!

My last tip is to always pack for the rain! Even if the forecast says clear, Mother Nature is so unpredictable and you never want to be unprepared when your’e camping. Try to bring a rain jacket or something with a hood just incase!

Camping Fashion Trips: Hunters, High Waisted Shorts, Camo

I hope these tips help make your trip more fashionable & practical! Leave a comment below of your favorite places to go camping! signature-01

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