My Bridal Shower




I have some exciting news, I’m officially married!! This is my first post since getting married August 1st & I’m the luckiest girl in the world. I feel so lucky to have married my best friend & excited to start our new lives together. I thought I would finally share my Bridal Shower with you & all of the fun games we played!

It was such a special day, y Maid of Honor / Sister organized a beautiful afternoon in the garden for my shower. There were all of my favorite things; fresh cut peonies, pink lemonade & a ice cream sundae bar! She even organized different games for everyone to play & had prizes for each of the winners! Being surrounded  by so many amazing women was such a special feeling, I am lucky to have such amazing, strong women in my life.

Bridal Shower Games

What Age Was The Bride?

This one is really simple and family members really enjoy! Find pictures of the bride at different ages growing up and number them then decorate a display board with them. Create ballets with numbers for age and have each guest  guess her age. Place by the entrance so nobody missed it!



 Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses!

Help the bride choose her dress by creating dresses out of toilet paper! Divide everyone into groups then give them rolls of toilet paper to design there wedding dress. Set a time limit to create your dress then have the bride pick the winning dress design!



IMG_3566The Winning Dress^

Quiz Time! How Well Do You Know The BRIDE – Printable

Find our who knows the Bride Best! Print this quiz for your guests and see who scores!

NEW How Well Do You Know The Bride-flat

Hope you enjoy these games as much as I did! Leave a comment below if you use any of them, I’d love to hear from you!


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