Snow Day Essentials Blogmas

Hello & Welcome back to My Roaring Life, I hope you’re staying warm and toasty because it’s freezing here in Toronto. There’s only 7 more days until Christmas and I think it’s safe to say we’ll have a white Christmas because of  how cold and the amount of snow we have been having lately. When it’s super cold and snowy like this my two go to’s are; chunky turtleneck sweaters, and warm winter boots! I love to wear turtleneck sweaters as an extra lay to help keep you warm and toasty. The chunky neck acts like a scarf and keeps your neck warm and covers it from the wind. My next snow day essential is a pair of winter boots, when you live in Canada or anywhere where it snows you need a durable pair of boots to keep you feet warm and dry. Lastly I thought I would mention my lipstick because it’s limited edition for the holidays and you should get one to before they are all gone! It’s a melted matte from Too Faced in the color Candy Cane. It’s the perfect red for the holidays but I think my favorite part is how it smells like peppermint mocha! It reminded me of these chap sticks I had as a child called Lip Smackers, leave me comment if you know what those are. Anyways, I hope you have a happy holiday and a safe New Year! Speak to you in 2017!


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