My Roaring Christmas Playlist on Spotify Christmas Music

Hello & Welcome back to My Roaring Life! I’m officially in the Christmas spirit and have been blasting Christmas Music since the first of the month. There’s only 21 days until Christmas and I’m spending my Sunday baking cookies and  listening to Christmas music! I’ve always been overly obsessed with Christmas music since I was a child, my parents would catch me blaring Christmas musing in the middle of June! Each song has a special meaning or memory for me, so today I’m sharing with you my all of my most cherished Christmas songs. Some of these I had dance routines with my sister to or and some were old recording my parents have of “Do They Know It’s Christmas Time” from the 1980’s. Christmas is so special to me for so many reasons so follow my playlist “My Roaring Christmas”on Spotify to hear all of favorite songs!

Leave me a comment below of your favortie Christmas songs, I’d love to hear from you! Also  check back next week to see my letter to Santa!


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