Dear Santa… I can explain! My Christmas Wishlist BLOGMAS

Hello & welcome back to Blogmas! Today’s Christmas post is my wish list for Santa Claus. Most of these products are things I’ve been lusting over for a while so I thought I would put them all together incase Santa is reading.😉

Let’s start with the Buttercup Blow Dryer from drybar. Not only is it a beautiful buttercup yellow shade but it’s ultra-powerful motor gets the job done quickly and efficiently, I’d really love to try it. Next on my wish list is another hair product; The Ultimate Finishing Hairbrush from Tangle Teezer. I use both of their other brushes and love them so this new brush had to go on my wish list. Another gift I’m really hoping shows up underneath the Christmas tree is a Lush gift box so my skin will stay merry & bright throughout the winter. Next I’d like the Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil, a luxurious lip treatment from Clarins so my lips stay plump and smooth in the cold weather. Now for some festive glitter with these gold glitter makeup brushes from Sephora, they are beyond beautiful. If you’re a Benefit Babe like me you’ll need a refill of They’re Real! Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara and be dying to try the new They’re Real! BIG sexy lip kit! And what’s Christmas without a new fragrance? Mon Paris by YSL is the perfect scent for the holidays or any other time of the year. These last to items on my wish list are my style picks! I’d love a pair of black knee high boots, they look so sexy and sophisticated and are definitely in style this winter. My last item on my wish list is this stunning wool coat from Kate Spade, the bow details on the cuffs and front toggle are so distinctively Kate Spade. I love it!


Christmas Wish Lish

1. Buttercup Blow Dryer by Drybar

2. The Ultimate Finishing Hairbrush

3. There’s Something About Bathing

4. Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

5. Vessel Canister Brush Set

6. Rosenman Knee High Boots

7. Kate Spade Bow Toggle Wool Coat

8. They’re Real! BIG sexy lip kit

9. They’re Real! Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara

10. Mon Paris Yves Saint Laurent 

What are you wishing for this Christmas? I’d love to hear from you leave me a comment below!


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