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Hey guys, hope you had an amazing weekend! I spent my weekend up North enjoying some fun in the sun in the Georgian Bay.There are so many beautiful lakes and beaches in Ontario I try and take advantage in the summer months and go as often as possible. After another weekend at the beach I thought I would share with you what I keep in my bag for a fun day at the beach or even pool. Below is a little check list of things I like to bring with me so I can enjoy a fun day in the sun in total comfort & style.

Beach Bag Checklist:

Beach Bag: Choosing something oversized is best with an inside zip pocket for your phone and wallet, I like this one from ASOS

Sunscreen: Be sure to use an SPF 30 or more to best protect your skin from the sun, I used this Shisiedo one because it works even better after gettting wet.

Waterproof Mascara: If you’re like me and have light coloured lashed mascara is always a must. Too Faced has a great one that doesn’t run if you go swimming or play games on the beach.

Eyebrow Gel: I feel werid without my eyebrows done even when I’m on the beach. I love Benefit’s new line of eyebrow products and have been using ka-BROW almost everyday. It’s also waterproof

Mineral Water Spray: During a hot day at the beach your skin will need some refreshment. I love to use Evian’s water spray to hydrate my skin when I’m tanning, it’s a little pick me up for your skin in the heat and helps your complexion.

Sunglasses: This one seems obvious for a day at the beach. Sunglasses are a necessity for any day of the summer and I have fallen in love with my rose gold ones from Love Always.

Swimsuit: Another obvious necessity for the beach or a day at the pool. One piece swimsuits are so in this summer, I’ve been trying to get my hands on one all and ASOS has so many available

Towel/Beach Blanket: I always bring a huge towel when I go to the beach so I have something to lay out on during the day and and extra layer if I get cold in the evening. I love these round ones, the patterns are beautiful and look great in photos with the sand.

Floaty/Beach Ball: Now for the fun! I love these emoji beach balls but let’s be honest we all want a unicorn floaty or giant slice of pizza! If you’re lucky you already bought yours because they are hard to find and heavy to ship!

Drink Cozy: It gets supper hot at the beach and you’ll need to stay hydrated with a cold drink. These cute drink cozy work great and are a fun way to know which drink is yours!

External Battery: This one is very important! Let’s be honest, no day at the beach is complete without an Instagram photo or a few Snapchats. Bringing an extra battery charger will save you at the end of the day.

Polaroid Camera: Summer doesn’t last forever but make your memories! I love having polaroids to look back on and save, I find I never print photos anymore so this is the perfect way to create memories.


Wether I’m at the beach or the pool I always have sunscreen close by. This summer I bought Shiseido’s Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion in SPF 50 because I heard such cool things about it’s WetForce technology. It apparently becomes even more effective when comes into contact with water, which is perfect for days at the beach. I always use an SPF over 30 to protect my skin from the sun’s damage and also keep a lip balm with an SPF in my bag so I don’t forget to protect my lips. My next beauty essentials  in my bag are a waterproof mascara and long lasting eyebrow cream-gel. I jumped on the summer bandwagon and tried the Too Faced, Better Than Sex Waterproof mascara. I’ll be honest and admit I only dunked my head under the water a few times but it did stay in place without any smudging, I’ll update you again once I’ve been swimming. For my eyebrows I am OBSESSED with Benefit’s new ka-BROW! eyebrow cream-gel. Not only does it last 24 hours but it’s also waterproof! When I have my brows tinted I use it in the darker shade 05- deep and when they start to fade I switch to the lighter 03- medium shade. It’s truly browmazing and the small brush makes it so easy to apply to your brows.

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These next beach bag essentials are all about the water! When I’m laying out in the sun and heat my skin always needs refreshing. I love to use Evian’s mineral water spray throughout the day to help hydrate and help my complexion. If this is out of your price rang just bring a spray bottle filled with water, it’s just as refreshing on a hot day! Your’e going to need to stay hydrated and drink plenty when your’e our in sun all day. A cold drink is so refreshing in the heat, I made sure to use to bring these adorable “Mr. & Mrs.” drink cozys. Monogrammed ones would be awesome too so you know whose drink is whose. Of course no day at the beach is complete without a cute bathing suit! I’m dying to get my hands on a black one piece, they are super sexy and in style this summer. This next essential might not fit in your bag but is extremely important to ensuring you have a fun and comfortably day at the beach or pool. A giant inflatable floaty!!! I love the unicorn or a giant slice of pizza. Once you’re done splashing around on your unicorn, grab a huge beach towel to dry off and lay out to tan. I’m obsessing over these round beach towels, I love the patterns and designs on them and they are perfect for summer ’16

Last but not least, you’re going to need a super cute beach bag to fit all your essentials. I always try to choose something super big with longer straps so I can overpack if I’m going to the beach for a full day or if the weather is being unpredictable. Make sure your beach bag has an inside pocket with a zipper to keep your wallet and phone safer when your swimming like this one from ASOSThose are all my beach bag essentials, leave me a comment below of the one item you always bring to the beach with you. 


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