#ArdenBeauty Fall Launches


Hey my lovely friends! I’m so happy my blog is back online and I can finally start working on some new blog posts! It was a crazy stressful week trying to figure out what exactly went wrong and if I had lost the last year’s worth of posts. We have narrowed it down to a problem with my theme, so as you may have noticed that MyRoaringLife.com is temporary under construction and will be back with a new look and some exciting new content just in time for fall. But first I want to share with you an absolutely fabulous evening I spent with beauty editor Dave Lackie and the amazing team Elizabeth Arden!




Back in August I had the special opportunity to attend another one of Dave Lackie’s notorious VIP Dinner’s at Aria Ristorante. The evening celebrated Elizabeth Arden’s history and some of their new product launches for this Fall. The best part about attending one of Dave’s VIP Dinners is that you get to experience what beauty editors experience when brands launch their new products. You’ll get to see and test all of the new products before anyone else and hear all about the brand’s newest campaigns. While I was exploring the new products I had the amazing opportunity to meet Jamie Petrovic. She is official the make up artist for Elizabeth Arden. She shared with me their new liquid lipstick, and tips on how to choose the perfect red lip for fall. Jamie recommenced using a lipliner when wearing red lipstick and when it comes to choosing a red shade put some on your finger tips and hold them to your lips to compare which red works best for you.

I spent the rest of the evening live tweeting because at each one of Dave’s events a live Twitter wall gets projected so followers from all over the world can participate in the event remotely! We used the #ArdenBeauty hashtag so go check it out on Twitter & Instagram and you’ll see all the fun we had that night. Something really special about these events is meeting all the other beauty lovers and influencers. I have met the sweetest, most supportive group of women & men and feel so lucky to attend these these events with them. Thank you Dave for introducing me to such a fun group people, my Twitter feed will never be the same again and I am so grateful for all the fun and laughs we share.


IMG_20160824_203047_1  IMG_20160907_120349Photo by @CatForsley


Last but definitely not least, you never leave one of Dave’s events empty handed. Dave always works with the brands to create amazing gift bags for everyone to take home and enjoy just like beauty editors do when they attend these events. A huge and special thank you to Dave for inviting me to such a beautiful event with Elizabeth Arden and thanks to their team for all the hard work that went into that night! If you’d like to see what was inside the gift bag you can check in out right HERE! Thanks for reading!


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